Corporate history


January: Shenzhen Dian Zhong Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2016 Annual Most Competitive Commercial Factoring Enterprise," "2016 Best Small and Medium Micro Enterprise Commercial Factoring Service Provider" and "2016 Enterprise Service Innovation Business Factoring Enterprise "


September: signed a block-chain platform development agreement with IBM.

October: 100% sale of China Gas Chengdu Parts Co., Ltd. in order to optimize the company's asset structure, and to focus on the development of the main business


June: the completion of non-public offering of 800 million shares, to achieve the restructuring of the main business to the supply chain finance


September: the establishment of Yunnan Dian Zhong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

October: the establishment of Shenzhen Dian Zhong Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd.

December: the establishment of Guizhou Yi Jian Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd


March: sale of 90% stake of the shares of Sichuan Hejia Seed Industry Co., Ltd.

June: transfer of Sichuan Flying Ball (Group) Co., Ltd. 100% stake


June: Yunnan Ji Tian Investment Holdings Co Ltd became a shareholder