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Guitar & Ukulele, Roller-blading, and disc golf oh my! | Grass Valley Engagement Photography

I often encourage my clients to think outside the box when it comes to their engagement sessions – to personalize their photography with hobbies and interests that are special to them.  Michele and Keith did not disappoint!  Their first shared love is music.  Keith plays guitar while Michele is by his side on her ukulele.  They record music together and wanted some of their photos to show this.  We had a mini recording session in the forest!  And folks, they actually sang, and literally do make beautiful music together.

Next is a little roller blading.  Keith is a pro (well, almost) street hockey player and is really is a pro on skates.  Let’s just say Michele isn’t quite at semi-pro but she definitely holds her own.  I gently persuaded her not to wear the knee and elbow pads – promising I would catch her if she fell – and happily clicked along as both were safe.

We finished with a little disc golf.  Keith has been playing since he was super young and thankfully Michele enjoys it just as much.  I’m excited for their Forest Hill wedding this June, I just know it’s going to be a sweet and beautiful event!