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Old Sacramento Engagment Photography | Denise & John

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Old Sacramento is an extremely popular place for photo sessions – with all the colors and backdrop options its not hard to understand why.  There’s the old buildings, the train tracks and the waterfront.  It really is a lovely place to take a couple to explore in and take fun and beautiful engagement photos.  Denise and John met while working at Ikea – both have since moved on but no doubt that place holds a special place in their hearts.  Sacramento in general is a favorite place for them which brought us here.  I love how my work attracts couples that are so easy to be around.  I think my images attract people sort of like me – nice, down-to-earth, genuine people.  I love my clients.  This couple is no exception.  They are so easy to be around, willing to do anything and totally in love.  I love watching the guys to see how they interact with their lady.  John is kind, watches out for her, puts out a hand when needed, isn’t afraid to kiss her passionately in front of strangers, and can give a rad “guy stare” as I can call it.  As a girl who totally loves love and chivalry I eat it up.  Denise, you’re amazing and you know it.  I cannot wait to see you as a bride!