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2011 Year in Review | Sacramento Wedding and Portrait Photography

2011 was an amazing second year working in full-time status.  I started my business back in 2008 but it wasn’t until my hubby came along in 2009 that I was able to quit my corporate life in an effort to devote my blood, sweat and tears to my passion – photography.  Last year was full of amazing moments – both that I will never forget and those I wish I could.  I grew a lot in those 12 months.  I gained a lot of confidence in my work and myself.  Photography is a very personal thing.  Most of us artists are sensitive by nature – we have to be in order to see the beauty that lies in just about anything.  The microscopic pollen of a flower, a crack in the pavement, the simple tear that falls from a bride’s eye during her vows.  I take my work very seriously and the opinions others may have of it – both my clients and those in the business.  I’ve learned that if a bride doesn’t email me that she loves her photos right after she views them for the first time, it’s ok.  Even if it’s weeks later, she’s happy, I have to trust in that.  I’ve almost cracked the working until 2am habit.  I created my in-home studio and grew my lens entourage.  I’ve dealt with criticism and accusations.  I connected with a lot of totally awesome vendors.  I had my first international wedding (Jamaica) with an amazing couple that have become amazing friends.  I’ve met the best. brides. ever.  I love all the couples I met in 2011 and feel like I’m a part of their lives even if in the teeniest bit – even if they don’t feel they are part of mine.  And I love the families.  And my new photographer and vendor friends.  It really was a great year all-in-all.

So that said, following is a recap of all of my favorite images from weddings and photography sessions last year.  Thank you to all of you (clients, friends, colleagues) for making it amazing.  XOXOXO

Here’s to an amazing 2012 🙂