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Wedding Trends: Bridesmaid Dresses – Tone It Down A Bit!

Does everyone remember the day where every bridesmaid dress looked like it was from the 80’s? It was as if brides were intentionally dressing their friends in the ugliest dresses they could find! Now I know everyone has a different idea of what looks good, but come on! You can’t look at your friend and see that she doesn’t look good in that style??? I’m not buying it!

Well I do believe the day of the ugly bridesmaid dress is over! The latest fashions from spring bridal runways just happens to be bridesmaid dresses – in muted tones! A new way to make the bride stand out without making her girls look horrendous is to just tone down the ever present brightly colored dresses brides usually have their maids in.

Light pinks, taupe and soft grays are already well stocked at the bridal boutiques. Even the trendiest blogs have been talking about the new dress trend blooming this spring. Check out Ruffled for their ModCloth Bridesmaid options. I LOVE ModCloth by the way, you can never go wrong with vintage and unique! Style Me Pretty has a great Look Book to offer inspiration and website links to fantastic designers showcasing muted bridesmaid tones!

I always send clients to these websites/blogs to gather inspiration for anything wedding related, they’re great, information stocked places!


xoxox ~ K