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Wedding Trends: Sashes

The latest from the spring runways is always an interesting discovery. Sometimes we feel like we’re looking at the most insane “wedding trend” out there. What were the designers thinking? Well not ALL the fashion alterations are god-awful. One of the latest trends is sashes!

Yes, for all you ladies out there who love a little waisted wrap-around, your day has come! Sashes are one of the latest accessory must-haves for this years wedding dresses. Some elegantly understated and simple, and some are the eye-piece of the dress, encrusted with crystals and jewels, bring glitz to the waistline.

If you’re planning to wear a simple chic wedding dress, think of adding a detailed sash to give it a bit something more. Or if you’re that bride that can’t stand the all white look of a wedding dress, a sash is the perfect way to add a flash of color to your really personalize your look.

Whether it’s a thin ribbon to separate top from bottom, or a large statement for your dress, sashes are in and being donned everywhere this season.