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Wedding Trends: Are we going to Tea or to a Wedding?

Dresses are getting shorter! One of the hottest trends right now is the Tea-Length Bridal Gown. I believe this trend is due to the even larger trend of fun wedding day shoes. Everyone is always showing off their funky shoes in their wedding photos, why not all day long? Not only does this style of dress offer a way to show off your dancing shoes, but it allows you to dance!

Floor length dresses can be difficult, getting caught in the limo door, getting stepped on, always having to be lifted…the list goes on and on. In a Tea-Length dress, you’re all set, no lifting, no worrying! Whatever the reason, this retro-inspired wedding dress is huge this year and we hope it stays. It’s a fun new twist on wedding attire and it comes in so many styles! You can go full ballerina here, simple and sophisticated or even ball gown! Not only is this dress style great for brides, but its a staple for bridesmaids 🙂

This dress is for anyone; the vintage-inspired wedding, the shoe-show-off, the fun dancing queen, or that girl – like me – who’s too short for any floor length dress – we look like we’re swimming in them! Tell us what you think of this new trend 🙂

xoxox – K

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