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Cypress Furniture | San Francisco Bay Area Commerical Photography

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing at a Hayward furniture company called Cypress Furniture.  They are introducing a new line of earth friendly products made of green and sustainable material called TrueCo Living.  Material cover options range from hemp to recycled plastic bottles.  Yes, your empty Figi bottles are being made into furniture.  How awesome is that?! TrueCo Living’s site will be launching soon so be sure to check back.

Cypress handles mostly custom items and caters to the needs of interior designers and the public who know how to reach them.  They have a lot of beautiful items in their showroom and below is a sampling of what you can find.

This project really was a lot of fun and I didn’t realize I would enjoy photographing furniture so much.  Furniture needs to be photographed as you would a person, at the level of the subject.  So for nearly 5 hours I was on my knees or in a deep squat.  You can imagine that my legs and butt are yelling at me today and I’ll just call it my “workout” for the day.

Cypress-brown-leather-couch-white-ottoman Cypress-trendy-white-chair-brown-couch


cypress-furniture cypress-modern-green-couch-leather-ottoman