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Got a Cupcake Craving? Visit Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

Recently I had the opportunity to do a little cupcake photography. I love food photography. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few subjects that don’t move (easy focusing!) or maybe it’s because I like to eat. Regardless, this mini-session was totally fun. Rebecca, the owner of Sweet Cakes, and her staff are uber talented and make seriously beautiful confections. And, they taste seriously good. I don’t have it pictured, but if you like carrot cake, hers is a MUST! Moist, delicious, and without nuts or raisins which I think just ruins the cake. Her red velvet is superb. You really can’t miss with any of her selections.

Last week (Sept 20-26), Rebecca hosted an event to support cancer research. It was called Cupcakes for a Cause. During these 6 days, she donated proceeds from their cupcakes sales to benefit CancerCare for Kids. What an awesome way to give back.

Rebecca also designs and bakes customs cakes. I have one pictured below. Her work is stunning and she caters to most budgets. She totally reminds me of Ace of Cakes (love that show!). I’m certainly going to order through her the next time I need a custom dessert.

Thanks for the opportunity Rebecca and team – it was fun spending time with you!!

Ready to view some sweets? I swear you can almost smell the sweetness! You may even get a hankering for a glass of milk :). Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake

Rocky Road Cupcake

Chocolate Decadence Cupcake

Pink Dream Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake

Cupcake Variety

Custom designed cake top

Gorgeous custom designed wedding cake

Cupcakes for a Cause window poster

The entrance to Rebecca’s shop