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Kelly and Sean are one of the sweetest couples.  I am so blessed to meet and work with such kind people!  As a romantic at heart, I see the love and uniqueness each couple.  These two have a kindness and a mutual respect for each other, innate attributes that match perfectly together.  I’m going to share a commonly used quote about love… “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”  This is true about these two.  I believe they will go the distance.  I look forward to their Flower Farm wedding next year!  Oh, and don’t forget to check out Kelly’s eyes.  Um yeah, amazing! KellySean-23

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Just a little happy image for your Monday.  Love this little girl’s reaction to her brother being silly!  More from this family will be coming soon.

roseville family photography session-04

I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph my good friend Christine’s baby when she was just a few weeks old.  Baby Claire was welcomed home by her two big brothers and loving daddy.  Her brothers were more keen on watching and smiling at her rather than holding her!  Thank you my friends for letting me come in and document this sweet time for you!

Claire-3 Claire-1 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-02 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-04 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-05 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-06 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-07 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-08 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-09 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-10 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-11 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-12 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-13 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-14 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-15 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-16 Roseville newborn photography lifestyle-17

  • Thomas Oakes - Now this is a real cool family. Aren’t pictures great.

    Thank you so much for taking them and sending them.

    We love you all.

    Best wishes.

    Grandpa Oakes
    La Mesa, CA

This post is a little late but must be shared.  Kim and Mike are one of my super favorites.  We just mesh so well together and every session (and their wedding!) we’ve done is just awesome.  They are lovey and friendly and smiley and happy.  What more could a girl ask for? Here are some of my favorites from their Roseville fall mini session.

roseville fall mini session-01 roseville fall mini session-02 roseville fall mini session-03 roseville fall mini session-04 roseville fall mini session-05 roseville fall mini session-06 roseville fall mini session-07 roseville fall mini session-08 roseville fall mini session-09 roseville fall mini session-10 roseville fall mini session-11 roseville fall mini session-12 roseville fall mini session-13 roseville fall mini session-14 roseville fall mini session-15 roseville fall mini session-16 roseville fall mini session-17 roseville fall mini session-18 roseville fall mini session-19

Newly relocated from New Zealand, this adorable couple is expecting their first child.  Their baby boy will be named Theodore (Teddy for short) and will be so sweetly doted on.  Krissy and Bryce were so easy to work with, mellow and kind.  I wish them both the very best as their baby enters the world and I hope to see him as he grows!

lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-01 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-02 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-03 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-04 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-05 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-06 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-07 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-08 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-09 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-10 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-11 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-12 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-13 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-14 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-15 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-16 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-17 lincoln sacramento maternity photography session-18