Timing is everything, as so many of us know, and everything was in the timing when I met Christan.  One Saturday I trekked out to Vallejo to meet with a potential wedding couple (they booked!) and on my way out this pretty Starbucks barista caught me and asked if I happened to be a wedding photographer.  I said “yes!” and was instantly excited when Christan told me she was looking for one!  I gave her my price sheet and she booked me a few days later!  They are getting married in Brentwood this October.  Christan and Josh met while working at a sporting goods store and had an instant connection.  They wanted to have their engagement session at Baker Beach because they love San Francisco and the water.  I relished the opportunity to head west and stick my toes in the sand and have a little fun with them!

Recently I was in Las Vegas at a huge photography convention (WPPI - Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)  that’s held every year.  Just about every photographer in the US (and abroad) goes to it or has been to it.  It offers a lot of classes taught by leaders in our industry and the best trade show ever (well for photographers of course).  I went with my good friend Jackie and we decided ahead of time that we wanted to put together a bridal shoot at the Ghost Town in Nelson NV.  Why not have a little fun while we’re having fun right?!?  The couple is actually one of Jackie’s clients and decided to fly out there for a little vaca and photo session.  I was super excited for our shoot and just loved Vanessa and Mario when I met them.  They are gorgeous and so super sweet!  While I was waiting for my turn to photograph them, I had a little fun photographing my own model in just a fraction of the cool spaces this place had to offer.

Here are some of my favorite images of Vanessa and Mario…

  • Ghost Town Model Shoot | Nelson Nevada - [...] with actual models so I had a blast.  Below are my favorites.  To view the bridal shoot click here. Filed in personal, portraits « Bridal Shoot | Nelson Ghost Town | Nevada [...]

While in Las Vegas for a yearly photography convention, my friend Jackie and I decided to plan a photo shoot out at the old Ghost Town in Nelson, NV.  I connected with a very beautiful model, Kris Carver, and we had a great time taking portfolio shots.  It’s not too often I get to work with actual models so I had a blast.  Below are my favorites.  To view the bridal shoot click here.

  • Bridal Shoot | Nelson Ghost Town | Nevada - [...] and so super sweet!  While I was waiting for my turn to photograph them, I had a little fun photographing my own model in just a fraction of the cool spaces this place had to [...]

Denise and John are the kind of couple that you just want to put in your pocket and carry around with you because they’re so adorable.  I mean, they’re both gorgeous individually, and totally unstoppable when they’re together, but they are also so very much in love.  They are both very down-to-earth, fun and easy-going.  I had a great time getting to know them first at their engagement session and had an amazing time at their wedding.  I love their subtle winter-inspired theme… the inclusion of pine cones, wood details and ice blue frosting on the cupcakes.  The guests were so much fun to watch dancing the night away.  This was such a beautiful wedding and an amazing beginning to a long happy life together.

Venue:  Old Sugar Mill
Floral:  Big Bang Events
Makeup:  Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry
Hair: Shannon @ Moxie Salon
Cake:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

I recently booked a wedding that’s going to be in Sonoma and while I was at the consult I decided I wanted to go back and do a little wine tasting.  Plus, my hubby has never been tasting in the Napa Valley (he grew up in WA state) so I was even more inspired to plan a trip.  So we booked a date with our friends and had a blast.  I love wine.  LOVE it.  I come from a family of wine-o’s and have been tasting since I was in my early twenties.  Now that doesn’t mean I have a super refined palate, but I can taste the difference between most varietals and know that I love bold reds and buttery whites.  I outgrew Two Buck Chuck a long time ago but am always on the lookout for a great $7 bottle at Costco.  Hey, this girl’s on a budget!  I have a few high end bottles that have been sitting in my wine fridge for years and I keep waiting for that “special moment” to open them.

We booked our limo tour with Beau Wine Tours, which I highly recommend.  Our driver was Jim and was super awesome.  Wish I had snapped a pic of him…

Here are our boys (John and Christian)

Alexis and I

The date we chose was the weekend after my birthday so Alexis had a little gift for me.  Can you tell I was excited when I opened it?!  I had been wanting a flask with bling on it for a long time and she had one specially made for me lol

I love it!

Our first stop was at Jacuzzi Vineyards.  It was a great first stop and we took home a few bottles and knick knacks…

A sweet red dessert wine in a chocolate cup – heaven!

Did a little olive oil tasting… there were a few good ones… and some really not so good ones…

Alexis appreciating the wildlife :)

Next stop was Viansa Winery… beautiful location but crappy service!  The girl who was supposed to help us had the worst attitude – which made the experience and the wines less enjoyable – so we left.  Customer service is important people!

Beautiful view though…

We went to the square next and visited Highway 12.

And then Eric James… we bought a delish Pinot Noir (one of my faves!)

This is what happens when you hand your camera to your friend when you have to use the restroom, then strike a pose for her on your way out, but the camera settings are still all in manual and set for the dark store we were just in.  LOL!  Wish this had turned out – I bet I would have liked it!

This cable car was at the last stop, the name of the vineyard I don’t remember, but at least we have a couple photos from it…  Such a fun day!

Christian took my camera at lunch and became my photographer… the last one is his “there’s something in your teeth” direction haha!