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Dresses are getting shorter! One of the hottest trends right now is the Tea-Length Bridal Gown. I believe this trend is due to the even larger trend of fun wedding day shoes. Everyone is always showing off their funky shoes in their wedding photos, why not all day long? Not only does this style of dress offer a way to show off your dancing shoes, but it allows you to dance!

Floor length dresses can be difficult, getting caught in the limo door, getting stepped on, always having to be lifted…the list goes on and on. In a Tea-Length dress, you’re all set, no lifting, no worrying! Whatever the reason, this retro-inspired wedding dress is huge this year and we hope it stays. It’s a fun new twist on wedding attire and it comes in so many styles! You can go full ballerina here, simple and sophisticated or even ball gown! Not only is this dress style great for brides, but its a staple for bridesmaids:)

This dress is for anyone; the vintage-inspired wedding, the shoe-show-off, the fun dancing queen, or that girl – like me – who’s too short for any floor length dress – we look like we’re swimming in them! Tell us what you think of this new trend:)

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Does everyone remember the day where every bridesmaid dress looked like it was from the 80’s? It was as if brides were intentionally dressing their friends in the ugliest dresses they could find! Now I know everyone has a different idea of what looks good, but come on! You can’t look at your friend and see that she doesn’t look good in that style??? I’m not buying it!

Well I do believe the day of the ugly bridesmaid dress is over! The latest fashions from spring bridal runways just happens to be bridesmaid dresses – in muted tones! A new way to make the bride stand out without making her girls look horrendous is to just tone down the ever present brightly colored dresses brides usually have their maids in.

Light pinks, taupe and soft grays are already well stocked at the bridal boutiques. Even the trendiest blogs have been talking about the new dress trend blooming this spring. Check out Ruffled for their ModCloth Bridesmaid options. I LOVE ModCloth by the way, you can never go wrong with vintage and unique! Style Me Pretty has a great Look Book to offer inspiration and website links to fantastic designers showcasing muted bridesmaid tones!

I always send clients to these websites/blogs to gather inspiration for anything wedding related, they’re great, information stocked places!


xoxox ~ K

  • Tammy - Awesome inspiration Heather. Love these!

Tamara and Nate were referred to me by another photographer who was booked for their wedding date (thanks Stacey!) and I’m so happy she did!  I love this couple.  They are both kind, fun and cuddle adorably.  Also, they excited to have me as their photographer.  Who wouldn’t love that!  They are also thoughtful.  I had been having a rough couple days before their engagement session and on the day of they brought ME a goody bag of treats to cheer me up!  Seriously, they read my “about me” section on my website and brought me red vines, a sugar-free rockstar, organic red wine and a vanilla scented candle – amazing!!  I was blown away and it was an awesome way to get a photography session started;)

So a picnic theme had been on Tam’s mind for some time and I was so excited about it.  They wanted to also showcase their fun side.  So I found a place that had the perfect park setting for both – a scenic area for their picnic and a jungle gym to play on.  I had such a great time with them and am eager for their wedding, which is this Saturday!!!  They are getting married at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley and I know it’s going to be just amazing.

  • Susanne - These are gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for Saturday! :)

The latest from the spring runways is always an interesting discovery. Sometimes we feel like we’re looking at the most insane “wedding trend” out there. What were the designers thinking? Well not ALL the fashion alterations are god-awful. One of the latest trends is sashes!

Yes, for all you ladies out there who love a little waisted wrap-around, your day has come! Sashes are one of the latest accessory must-haves for this years wedding dresses. Some elegantly understated and simple, and some are the eye-piece of the dress, encrusted with crystals and jewels, bring glitz to the waistline.

If you’re planning to wear a simple chic wedding dress, think of adding a detailed sash to give it a bit something more. Or if you’re that bride that can’t stand the all white look of a wedding dress, a sash is the perfect way to add a flash of color to your really personalize your look.

Whether it’s a thin ribbon to separate top from bottom, or a large statement for your dress, sashes are in and being donned everywhere this season.


  • Linsey Moss - Hey! That’s ME!!! I LOVED my sash and brooch. It added that little bling and contrast that was unique. When I found THIS dress (which came with the sash), I found myself always adding a sash to other dresses that I tried on. That’s when I realized I was comparing everything else to this dress– and it was THE ONE! -Linsey

  • kristyn - Linsey – people do that ALL the time! It really is how you know which drew is THE ONE! I absolutely love the sashes and you look great!

Timing is everything, as so many of us know, and everything was in the timing when I met Christan.  One Saturday I trekked out to Vallejo to meet with a potential wedding couple (they booked!) and on my way out this pretty Starbucks barista caught me and asked if I happened to be a wedding photographer.  I said “yes!” and was instantly excited when Christan told me she was looking for one!  I gave her my price sheet and she booked me a few days later!  They are getting married in Brentwood this October.  Christan and Josh met while working at a sporting goods store and had an instant connection.  They wanted to have their engagement session at Baker Beach because they love San Francisco and the water.  I relished the opportunity to head west and stick my toes in the sand and have a little fun with them!

Recently I was in Las Vegas at a huge photography convention (WPPI - Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)  that’s held every year.  Just about every photographer in the US (and abroad) goes to it or has been to it.  It offers a lot of classes taught by leaders in our industry and the best trade show ever (well for photographers of course).  I went with my good friend Jackie and we decided ahead of time that we wanted to put together a bridal shoot at the Ghost Town in Nelson NV.  Why not have a little fun while we’re having fun right?!?  The couple is actually one of Jackie’s clients and decided to fly out there for a little vaca and photo session.  I was super excited for our shoot and just loved Vanessa and Mario when I met them.  They are gorgeous and so super sweet!  While I was waiting for my turn to photograph them, I had a little fun photographing my own model in just a fraction of the cool spaces this place had to offer.

Here are some of my favorite images of Vanessa and Mario…

  • Ghost Town Model Shoot | Nelson Nevada - [...] with actual models so I had a blast.  Below are my favorites.  To view the bridal shoot click here. Filed in personal, portraits « Bridal Shoot | Nelson Ghost Town | Nevada [...]