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Beautiful Folsom Lake senior photography session

Kira is a gorgeous high school senior.  She goes to school in Fair Oaks, is a cheerleader, MIGHT be going to my alma mater (Chico State, woohoo!) and is super sweet and down to earth.  For her senior photography session she mentioned Folsom and I thought the dynamic range of visual scenery of Folsom Lake was perfect for her session.  She met me there on a recent Saturday, with her good friend Jen, and after we had some fun choosing her outfits, she was camera ready.

Sacramento has a broad range of beautiful places to photograph, and as you’ll see, this too is one of them.

Kira wanted to start in her little white dress and I thought near the waterfront was perfect.

senior female standing by water in white dress

A sitting down pose in the same beautiful spot.  Look at how beautiful she looks with the beautiful beachy backdrop.

senior female sitting by water in white dress

Next we hiked back up to the top and hit the grassy hillside.  Here she chose her casual flannel top for these shots and we found a great big rock for her to lean on.

beautiful girl leaning on rock in plaid shirt

And a picnic bench to sit on.

girl sitting on bench smiling at camera lens flare

And, of course, I needed a close up of her stunning smile.  Simply. Gorgeous.  I love the bokeh in the grassy background.  This is my favorite image from her day.

stunning teen smiling at camera with plaid shirt and green backdrop

Here Kira looks vibrant in her coral top and cute knee high brown boots.  Check out her butterfly ring.  Adorable!

teen senior portraits folsom lake stylish teen sitting on rock for folsom senior portraits

My second favorite image from the day.  LOVE this.  She so couldn’t pull off the “serious” look so I told her to look away from the camera, and before she started giggling, snapped this photo.  A total winner!

stunning image of girl looking away from the camera

I wanted to include a few photos with her friend Jen.   How many times do friends get professional photos taken together?  NOT often enough!  Hopefully she’ll enjoy these for years to come.

high school friends pose for the camera

Another top ranking photo and an “accident” and a reason to NOT delete in camera.  I was simply testing my exposure for a later image and captured a shot that I thought, at the time, wouldn’t matter.  Turns out to be another one of my favorites.  A little fun editing and it’s another winner.

girl looking off into the folsom lake distance

Doesn’t she look like she belongs in a magazine?  I like I could see this photo in a magazine…

girl standing with hand on hip in trendy white top and skinny jeans

I saw this rock out in the middle of a tiny bit of water and told her she just had to go sit on it.  The water was perfectly still and I knew the reflection would be kinda cool.  It was kinda icky walking out through the mud but the image was worth it.

high school senior sitting on rock in folsom water with reflection

We finished at the water’s edge and with a simple pose…

girl standing in water at folsom lake smiling at camera

And a friendly hug.

high school friends hugging at folsom lake