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Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry

Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry

Christi Reynolds is one of my favorite makeup artists.  She has personally done my own makeup as well as a number of my bridal and boudoir clients.  She’s super nice, super talented and I just love her.  I suggest my clients to her because she consistently delivers stunning makeup and hair and I am always confident my clients will look beautiful in their photos.

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Some clients we’ve worked with together:
Denise & John’s Wedding
Denise & Travas’ Wedding
Michelle & Patrick’s Wedding
Miss M’s Boudoir

1. What inspired your decision to get into the business?
Before branching out on my own, I had worked full time for over ten years in department store cosmetics. I held several different positions over the years, anywhere from full time Retail Artist, to Counter Manager, to Area Manager and Coordinator and Trainer. I started doing makeup on the side for photographers, brides, and personal clients pretty early on in my career, squeezing it all where I could into my full time work week. I was doing quite well, even without a website or Facebook! But I was always afraid to leave the comfort and security of my ‘real’ job. One of the photographers I worked with regularly, who fully encouraged me to leave the department store and go solo, one day told me on a shoot, “You know, Christi-you will lever learn to fly until you jump off the branch”. Shortly after that, I accepted a full time Corporate Cosmetics Management position based out of San Francisco, and was about to resign myself to this kind of career when I was part of a huge lay off only eight months after accepting. So, I guess you could say I was literally pushed off the branch! I built my website, focused on growing my social media presence and vendor network, and have been flying ever since!

2. What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
Learning something new everyday! New techniques, new business strategies, new philosophies…Every single day I draw inspiration from my clients, fellow artists and photographers, and I am humbled by the fact that I will never be the best or perfect artist, but one that is constantly growing her craft.

3.What differentiates you from other makeup artists?
I think that all artists have their own unique approach and disposition. I think that mine is from a place of natural beauty, and making people feel not only beautiful, but good from the inside out. I have said for years that i don’t do ‘make-overs- I do make uppers!” and I focus on enhancing a woman’s features, not re-creating them. You won’t find a lot of crazy colors or glitter in my kit. I’m just not that kind of artist. I like to introduce women to a way of thinking about doing their makeup in a way that is positive, not intimidating.

4. How would you describe your style?
Clean, chic, and classic.  I used to tell my clients at Nordstrom-“think of me as the MAC Girl-next-door” or a “MAC Girl with a Bobbi Brown philosophy”. In Layman’s terms, this would mean that even with  a huge array of bright colors, tools and techniques, I am an artist who reaches for the natural tones and the lip balm. I am on the never ending quest to find and create the perfect 5-minute makeup and the no-makeup makeup. A 7 item routine. I try to talk my clients out of lip liner and false eyelashes and encourage them to learn how to contour and highlight. I never want a photo to end up in someone’s hands 50 years from now and know that the makeup was done in 2012 specifically!