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The Posh Posey

Kristi Landphere of The Posh Posey is one of my very favorite floral designers in the area.  We both started our businesses at about the same time and have grown together and been each other’s sounding boards over the last couple years.  She does truly BEAUTIFUL work.  I have very particular taste in floral designs.  I love her use of texture, classic and feminine elements and can suit the scheme of any wedding or event.  Stop by her website and view her lovely style.

Contact info:

Projects we’ve worked on together:
Vintage Nautical Style Shoot
Denise & Travas’ Wedding
Lynzie & Tyler’s Wedding
Amy & Nick’s Wedding

Here’s a little bit about Kristi:

What differentiates you from other floral designers?
Since I only do wedding and event floral design, I am able to concentrate only on them. I take a limited number of weddings per weekend so I am there for my clients 100%. I want to be there from the start, to the finishing touches. This is what a client should expect from hiring any professional vendor for their big day.

How would you describe your style?
Well this is tough, since design and art are always changing. I have to say at this time, my style is Garden Chic! Being a romantic soul, I love all flowers with fluff, and scent! I think this style says soft, romantic, whimsical but clean and simplistic in design. It is really hard to choose just one style because as designers, we are always changing and evolving. All designers have a unique style unto themselves and this is what a client should look for when deciding to choose one. As a floral designer, the best thing to hear from a client is, “I love your design style, here is my venue, colors and theme, Do your magic!” Allowing designers this freedom, opens the doors to creativity, which is where we thrive as artists. When you hire your Floral Designer, you should be able put your full trust in them, and allow them to create your dreams. If you can’t, then you may not have the right one!

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
I have to say my favorite aspect is meeting my clients and listening to what their vision is for their big day. The design process always starts with them, their personalities, their colors, theme and venue all set the tone for the floral designs. It should tell their guests who they are as a couple. Choosing flowers and designs that tell the story, and seeing it all come together on their big day!

What inspired your decision to get into the business?
I have loved art and design forever, it is my passion. I had been doing floral design and events for family and friends for many years, and they were the ones who gave me the push to “Go for it!” With out their support, I may not have done it! It was a big leap of faith, and the best one I have taken! If you have a passion, eventually you have to follow it and see where it will take you. I absolutely love what I do, and have never looked back!