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Beautiful Napa Valley Country Club Wedding Photography | Linsey & Andy

Linsey, Linsey, Linsey.  Andy, Andy, Andy.  I have no idea how to even begin writing this post.  I AH-DORE you both.  Linsey, if I can put you into a “best bride ever” bucket I would.  And I’m really not trying to give you more bridal credit than any other, but for real, no client has EVER been more excited or enthusiastic about me and my work.  People, you have to know that being an artist means that I hang by a thread waiting to hear what you think about what I’ve done for you.  I wait for that little bit of “I love what you’ve done!” carrot that sometimes never even comes.  I first met this couple for their holiday portrait session last year.  Our mutual friend Wendy connected us.  After they received their order they decided they wanted to cancel on the wedding photographer they had already booked and hire me.  WHA??  That has never happened to me before and I was extremely honored.

Next came their engagement session (which you can see here) and I got to know them even better.  Andy is a drummer in a band, and totally cool.  Seriously, just cool.  Calm, collected, and cool.  He has a piercing stare that I swear goes straight to my soul through my camera.  Linsey is such a happy and stunning and lovely and energetic person.  They’ve had their share of crazy stuff happen that only bonded them even stronger.

I’m trying not to make this post so much longer than my others but when you really connect with clients it’s hard not to.  I was looking forward to this wedding all year long, and super excited when the day finally came.  This was THE most smooth wedding day ever.  They were married at Napa Valley Country Club and the coordinator over there works his ship like a well oiled machine.  Every step of the wedding day went on without a hitch and during our portrait session we were driven in a golf card to all the best photo spots.  I’ve had such a wonderful time bonding with this couple and really look forward to (hopefully!) being there for them during all their furture momentous occasions.  Linsey and Andy, I love you guys big and am so (EEEEEKKKK!) happy to have made such great friends.  XOXOXOXOXOXOXO  (PS if you know Linsey, you know whey I put the “eeeekkkkk” in there)

Venue – Napa Valley Country Club
Floral Designer – Lunds Florist
DJ – Mark Welch
Hair/Makeup – Fusion Salon
Cupcakes – Sift Cupcakes
Dress – Maggie Sottero, House of Fashion
Strings – Altair Duo