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Sweet little Sacramento Backyard Wedding | Katrina + Dustin

I have always loved weddings.  They are such a wonderful event full of love, emotion, hugs and smiles.  Sometimes though, something small (or big) can happen and throw the day a curve ball.  Sometimes it can be weather.  Sometimes guests you’ve paid the caterer to feed, don’t show.  Luckily, the weather was beautiful and from what I could tell it was a full house!  When those little things that do happen challenge your bridal resolve, stay calm and patient.  In Katrina’s case, her florist sold her centerpieces to someone else.  Yes, sold HER flowers to SOMEONE ELSE!  Can you believe it?  When I arrived to start photographing she was a little bit stressed but managed to keep gracefully calm while a close family friend put together some last minute arrangements with cute Gerbera daises.  I don’t know where they got the adorable designer Evian bottles but they really added a special touch!  Minor setbacks aside, Katrina and Dustin had a lovely backyard wedding and the love between them was heart-warmingly obvious.

Congratulations Katrina and Dustin and thank you so much for sharing your day with me!

Dustin’s parents have a gorgeous house!

I coveted her dress…

And her shoes :)… SacramentoBackyardWedding03


Kat’s son came in while she was getting ready to give her a little hug… SacramentoBackyardWedding05

The homemade-with-love centerpieces… daisy centerpieces

And here comes the bride!  Dustin teared up a little bit 🙂

Officially husband and wife!

Can you feel the love?

Gotta love bubbles!

I don’t know what Kat’s thinking in this moment but I just love that I caught it…

Their first dance…

These photos look familiar! (I took them 😉 )

And, some final details…