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Silverado Resort Napa St Basil’s Church Wedding Photographer : Ramona & Rich

So I was sick for nearly a week and a half and finally am getting these beauties up!  Ramona and Rich were married Sat 9/4 at St Basil’s Church in Vallejo and partied it up afterward at the Silverado Resort in Napa, CA.  AFter the ceremony, we took some photos outside St. Basil’s Church and then it was off to the the Silverado Resort.  The Silverado is about 10 miles away but with all the traffic it took nearly an hour to get there!

The wedding was beautiful!  This couple is so sweet and the wedding party was a ton of fun to be around.  And, they gave me so much time for photographs – LOVE them!!  We had nearly 2 hours to play, it was so much fun.

Fun wedding day fact:  On the 2nd floor of the Silverado main house is a cute little balcony that overlooks the lawn and main entrance.  Ramona spotted it and was like “we have to go out there!”  So, what kind of wedding photographer would I be if I didn’t oblige my client’s wants?  So we’re up there taking a few photos at sunset, it was tight quarters but a sweet spot.  Out comes the wedding day Coordinator and says we can’t be out there – it’s forbidden!  She said that no photos have ever been taken from that balcony!  How awesome is that!

Sit back, relax and crap a beverage… this one’s a long post!

My very best to Ramona and Rich in their marriage!

and here’s that balcony shot I was telling you about.  Not the most exciting background, but the sunset light on their faces is lovely and it’s a sweet portrait.  AND, it’s a classic now that we know no one else has been photographed out there!