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Zephyr Cove Wedding Photography | South Lake Tahoe | Sammi & Matt

In an effort to get my wedding posts done in the timeframe I’ve set as a goal for myself, I’m getting this one done right away.  I’ve known Sammi and Matt for a long time.  Sammi and I have a mutual bestie (Alicia) and I met them both while going to school in Chico.  Sammi is a beautiful free spirit and Matt her perfect counterpart.  When they’re together they’re laughing and loving every moment.  This couple has a passion for each other that is rare to see and from my photography standpoint it’s awesome because they cuddle and kiss with ease.  Their Zephyr Cove Resort wedding in South Lake Tahoe couldn’t have been more perfect… bright blue sky and amazing scenery.  Hugs and smiles and tears of joy everywhere.  I was such a loving and happy event.  I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as I enjoyed taking them!

I liked this photo of Sam’s grandma and grandpa sitting quietly together…

Amazingly.  Gorgeous.

I often get teary-eyed during the first dances and this wedding was no exception.  By the end of the day I literally have no more eye makeup on I’ve wiped it all away with my watering eyes.  I’m such a sap.  I need to find water resistant eye-liner and shadow.

There’s nothing like seeing a bride and groom shot-gun a beer Chico style – love it!